The TN31 Parka

I thought I might just say a few words about my latest make, The TN31 Parka.

My fellow sewing buddy Lois and I decided we needed a sewing day together and so the TN31 Parka was settled on.  We've done this before many times, sewn together, and it is typically filled with cups of tea, yummy food and plenty of lively chat. Sometimes we complete a project in a day, others over two days split over a couple of weeks. The TN31 Parka ended up over two days but within the week because we just couldn't wait to finish them. Can you relate to that?

There was one particular part of the construction that took a bit of thinking time, which was where we finished up the first day and this is it - the front button placket.  Lois was all for cutting it out altogether but I persevered because let's face it, I sell the pattern! I did contact Merchant and Mills blogger/sewer Ellie of instagram fame @the.weekend.sewist for some guidance but it actually wasn't needed in the end.  I worked it out!

Turns out you can over think instructions. It wasn't hard ladies I just needed to step away and look with fresh eyes. Anyhoo, Lois and I carried on sewing a couple of days later and Va-Va-Voom we completed it.  We opted for brass poppers/snaps as buttons in the end which we had done by a local company for $3.00 each (bargain plus no button holes to make).

Lois is already planning her next one as she decided at the beginning to make this for her daughter, lucky Jasmine.

Lois used traditional Oilskin in Grass,Pop Orange Stretch Drawstring, Hilma Rust Viscose for lining and a piece of quilted fabric she found in a charity shop for extra warmth on top.

I chose Dry Oilskin in Rust, Pop Orange Stretch Drawstring, Hilma Rust Viscose for lining and Laine Jacquard Cotton for the top half of the lining.

We are both pretty pleased with our new makes and I've worn mine a few times already. 

All but the charity shop find by Lois can be found on my website. Have a go with the TN31 Parka, it's a great addition to the wardrobe and it's fun constructing it too.

Happy Sewing