Sewing Series - The Student

Kia Ora fellow sewers. As we move into October here in New Zealand we look forward towards more movement around the country.  For some, lockdown has given us an opportunity to think about what we really want to do? Maybe learn a musical instrument or learn to knit or sew?  Let's start with the newbie.

If you are new to sewing where do you go to learn?  Sewing schools are rare these days but we do have some. There are little satellites popping up with small groups of like minded women wanting to learn more about our craft.  Swapping tips for pattern hacks, pattern adjustments, what fabrics work for different projects. Where to go for fabric. Let's face it we could talk for hours on this subject.

It's taken me over 60 years but I've finally realised that there is a certain joy in taking my time with individual projects. I would previously have rushed sewing garments up to get it finished and out there wearing it but I quite often made mistakes. Nothing that a non-sewer would pick up but there all the same.  Now I tend to choose garments that I need and items that will work in with what I have already.

Once I have chosen what I need in my wardrobe I look for a pattern. I then familiarise myself with the pattern and gather all the materials I will need which  means visiting my stash!.  Once I'm locked and loaded I settle down to work my way through the construction of this gorgeous piece of clothing I'm creating. Otherwise known as the fun part.  It's a shame it's taken me so long to work out it's quality not quantity that is the most satisfying. Ho Hum, I'm here now.

If we sit down and concentrate on the instructions set out in any given pattern we can make anything. All the information is there if we just take time. And if we get stuck on a particular a friend, ask the audience or YouTube it. Nothing is insurmountable.

If you have access to a sewing teacher that's great but if not don't let that stop you making your own wardrobe. Just give it a go.  Sew for your well being, mindfulness, the environment not to mention your wallet.  The sense of pride in sewing something you can actually wear is a wonderful thing.  

We were all newbies once, no one escapes that first step. Encourage others to take up the craft so you can sew together.  Sewing can bring like minded women together. I'm sure we have all inspired friends over the years to take up sewing. It's pretty hard to beat a comment like "That's beautiful where did you buy that"? only for you to answer "I made it". Get's me every time.

Next month: Extending yourself to learn new skills,  try this.........