Introducing our March Sewer - Dot Roodbeen.

Sewing Room Series - Dot Roodbeen

Dot has been a sewer for 5 minutes.  Just joking, but she will be the first to say she took up sewing in her later years as time allowed. It was a "What haven't I done yet" type of moment. Dot has always wanted to sew her own clothes but didn't feel confident to take on anything too difficult. Tell that to the people she meets who comment on her clothes and they wouldn't believe you. Absolute strangers!

Dot's had a varied life of experiences both within New Zealand and abroad so she knows what she likes. She even bought a yacht with a couple of friends because they got tired of waiting for their men folk to give them a go on theirs! Dots' a traveller, a gardener, a collector of fine treasures and an avid sportswomen. Now she can add sewer to that ever increasing list.

Dot has a style all her own. She loves exquisite fabrics and chooses colours and designs that might not immediately be your first choice.  But you know.......they just work! And another thing, they look fab. Dot has even been on a catwalk a few times with her creations.

Follow the link below for a tour of Dots' sewing room. Dot is ever the perfectionist wanting her garments to fit and sit a certain way, she will manipulate patterns to suit her. She demands a lot of herself and will often take months to ponder the effect she's trying to create.  Then hei presto.......she does it. Just like that a sewer is born.

I hope you enjoy having a little nosey around Dots' Sewing Room, I did! My question to Dot is "Is it always this tidy?"  Sadly mine never is. My takeaway from Dot's room? I'm going to put a little something of my Mums' in my room too, loved that Dot!

Happy Sewing xxx

Watch the tour of Dot's sewing room here...