Welcome to our April Sewing Room - Lois Gibbins

Introducing Miss April…aka Lois Gibbins.

It was such a treat visiting Lois and her Sewing Room. Not just because I got a great cup of tea with homemade cake but it’s always so inspiring to step into another sewers’ work room. Lois produces quality garments for her own wardrobe and occasionally for her family.
Lois’s children have long since flown the coop but that doesn’t stop her whipping up something for them. She’s just sent off a shirt for her eldest son which she finished sewing yesterday. Now she’s onto her next project.  When you have that level of creativity what else can you do? Turns out you wait for a granddaughter!
You may have seen one of our most recent posts’ of a Double Cotton Mustard jacket for little Alice, Lois’s granddaughter, made from Laine Jacquard pure cotton fabric we have available from Jones and Taylor.
It doesn’t stop there, not only has Lois made other pieces of clothing for Alice, she’s made Oilskin Bags for herself, her three daughters-in-law and her daughter Jasmine. Lois even made herself an Oilskin coat with matching bag for when it rains, which it never does in Taranaki!! LOL.
Back to the blog….
Lois is a whiz in the sewing room but her talents don’t stop there, Lois is also a Farmer. I can imagine, dear reader, you would perhaps be thinking to yourself “How can someone who is as glamorous as Lois milk cows in a cowshed?” I can tell you first hand, she can and does. Only last week I was travelling with Lois in her car when we came round a bend and a Yearling (I’ve learnt from Lois that’s what it was called, I called it a calf, silly me), ran in front of her car.  She pulled over and said to me “You go back there to herd it towards this paddock and I will go open the gate and guide it in”. WHAT?????? Do I look like I could herd cows?, oops I mean Yearlings? Long story short mission complete.
Lois was wearing one of her fabulous dresses whilst behaving like the farmer that she is, needless to say she stopped traffic!  Proud moment for me “Yes I’m with HER!”.
Did I mention she was a drummer in a girl band or that she once owned a Café just to see what it was like? She loves Tramping, cooking, preserving fruit etc and is my best blackberry picking buddie.
Summing her up, she’s pretty fantastic.
Lois was hesitant to have her sewing room videoed because she felt it wasn’t anything special. I know you will all join me in saying “Lois, you have a space that is all yours with everything you need to enjoy your craft, add that to a million dollar view and what are you thinking girl?”  We love your sewing room and it's never mattered where we sew, we sewers are all in this together. Sounds like the line from a song…step away from those drums Lois!
Until next Month……Happy Sewing, be inspired.
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p.s. If you would like to have a go at making an Oilskin Bag like Lois check out our range of patterns, hardware and various Oilskin fabrics.