A new September Outlook - The Stash!

Kia Ora Sewers and welcome to September. With Covid-19 (aka Delta strain) in the country we have had to rethink our Sewing Room Series. I'm not going to lie it's been difficult lining up sewing rooms for publication, nothing to do with the participants, just logistics.  All the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of visiting thus far in their sewing rooms have been a delight. The sharing of their sewing room space and tips have been a boon to a sewer like myself so thank you Lois, Dot, Shirley, Michelle, Emma and Lisa. It's been a privilege and we have enjoyed the tours. 

The next series of blogs will cover various aspects of our craft.  First cab off the rank,  "The Stash".

If we ever doubted the benefits of The Stash we will be patting ourselves firmly on the back right about now. All those times we passed a market stall with bundles of zips, packets of buttons, end of roll fabric cuts etc and made that snap decision to buy it have paid off. What fun we had and still do.

We've always known the value of The Stash, adding to it, watching it grow before our very eyes. Telling ourselves "Oh yes that was definitely a bargain, I can't wait to use it" and then finding it years later thinking why did I buy that? But we don't throw it away or move it on NO NO NO who does that? Whatever is said about The Stash we know we made the right decision at the time and later on down the track, maybe 10 years or so, we will be using it.  Fashion always comes around again as sure as eggs are eggs. 

The gathering of the fabric is instrumental to becoming one of an elite group, a right of passage if you will, to the inner circle. The Dressmaker! Also sometimes referred to as The Home Sewer, The Sewer, A Sewist or simply Mum. Maybe there is a new name being born to describe the new sewers of today like Technicanists or something equally 21st century but for me, I kinda like Dressmaker. 

You might remember Lisa's stash of wonderful fabrics and notions collected from around the world. Who can forget that gorgeous piece of fabric from Myanmar, hand embroidered no less! To be able to go to your stash and choose something that takes your fancy then go through your patterns until something jumps out at you is a joy in itself. I'm still looking for a comfy chair for my sewing room Lisa!

Some interesting tips from our sewing room series have come in handy like, put your thread, pattern, zips etc in with the fabric for a later date - good tip Emma. Or pre-washing your fabric before it goes into the stash so you are good to go when you are ready, is another gem.

One important fact for me is this: Never, ever ever ever underestimate the value of The Stash. You may sometimes just gaze at it, dream of what you could make with the different pieces then shut the door and walk away with that voice is your head saying, "What am I thinking, it's 11.00pm at night for goodness sake, go to bed." Then you end up not being able to sleep because you are running through the patterns you could use - in your head! That happens to me a lot.

Do email me with thoughts and tips on your Stash, I'm sure there are some great stories out there ladies. Like the piece of pure Scottish hand milled wool you picked up for $5.00 in a charity shop? (true story although sadly not mine) Or the silk blouse you saw in a designer shop for $540.00 then decided you could make that yourself, in silk, for $50.00 so you did. Whatever your story we'd love to hear it. Email me...mary@jonesandtaylor.co.nz

Our next blog will be......the student!