Raspberry Dip Rib - NZD $20.00 each

Raspberry Dip Rib - NZD $20.00 each

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Raspberry Dip Rib

Priced individual lengths. NZD $20.00

Cotton ribbing for necklines, cuffs etc.

  • A mid sludgy green with a raspberry pink  edge.
  • Length approx 103cm’s, width 6cm’s wide. Raspberry pink edge: 3mm.
  • Please note these are cut strips, you cannot buy them by the metre.
  • Content: 71.2% organic cotton / 28.8% elastane. Made in France.
  • The dyes used are Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Wash at 30/40 degrees, do not tumble dry.

We have designed these ribs to be used in conjunction with our Fielder pattern and Men’s Tee Shirt pattern. You could also use them for neckline ribbing and cuffing for classic sweatshirts.